Most Heroes are Failures


Most heroes are failures

Most heroes are failures


In real life, where people actually live and where stuff actually happens, most heroes are failures. 

We try to arrange life to steer clear of failing and we aim for end results that are glorious, heroic, or at least profitable. 

We parent towards a goal of guiding mature and respectable citizens into the kingdom, and we hope to not fail. We work towards the glory of God and hope to not bring shame with our failure.

We study and pray and labor and toil all for success and not failure, all for results worth sharing and not for those ‘fail’ videos that go viral because everyone loves to see people fail – if it’s funny.

We try to arrange life to steer clear of failing and we aim for end results that are glorious, heroic, or at least profitable.  

But heroes endured mistakes and moved on. 

Heroes woke up from bad dreams and came back from bad choices and pressed on through the critics because a greater Hero compelled them – one who failed, Himself, in the system of the world.


This post is part of Lisa-Jo’s #FiveMinuteFriday, where we all set the timer and write on one word. This week, the word prompt is HERO. Click here to see more.

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  1. says

    What a poignant post about heroes who fail and then to point to the one who fail because of the human system.He “failed” himself on purpose and His failure is our victory. Thank you again. I am singing Hallelujah in my soul.

  2. says

    “They all laugh. We all laugh…. They are not characterized by a particular virtue. They claim all colors, all activities, all virtues and all flaws as their own. I don’t know what binds them together. The only common ground they have, as far as I know, is failure….”

    i’ve got a post in my drafts box that starts with this quote from the book “insurgent.” yep, heroes are marked by failure and i think if we look, we can see the heroic in the people all around us.

  3. says

    So glad to be back here Tresta! I have often thought about stopping in this month because your words always resonate and hit the mark with me, but January was January in so many ways this month. So glad I spotted you on5minfri. Your words are so true: Heroes are failures. You turned what sounded, and could of been, a seriously cynical and bitter viewpoint into simple truth. It reminds me of the phrase Ann Voskamp often writes on, “the upside down kingdom of Christ” that we are called to. Who wants to be considered foolish, weak, a failure? Of course we all know that answer: Jesus.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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